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In my opinion I am the most intersting person in the World, but this opinion is not undisputed. ;-) Anyway here are some pages about my private life.

About me

Welcome, I am Thomas Müller ex-Sysop of the Shuttle to Heaven BBS in Koblenz, Germany.
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Route Finder

There have been a few people who wanted to visit us and asked for directions how to get here. As a special service I present the route finder to Malteserstr. 23 in Bonn.
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T-Online vs. Thomas Müller

T-Online, the largest ISP in Germany, formerly part of the state telephony monopoly, has managed to lose me as a customer. That wasn't because their technology was bad (I never had any problem with that) but because they seem to be incapable of billing me correctly. This page is only available in German

Wedding pictures

On 10 July 2000 I have married Monika who had been my girl friend for many years. The wedding took place at the Restaurant "Zum Schiffchen" in Rhens on the Rhine. This is a selection of photographs from this event. The comments are meant to be funny. If you think otherwise, tough! ;-) The photos are available as thumbnails or you can go directly to the large versions.
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