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In the course of my computer addiction I have written quite a lot of software. Unfortunately some of it is simply gone now but on the other hand who would today have any use for programms written for the Commodore C-64 or the Atari ST? But it is a pity because some of it was really cool stuff. Anyway, here is what is left.


MxXEd/2 is a mail editor for Maximus for OS/2 which can be used by bbs users to read and write messages online and also by the sysop to use it offline.
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Schedule/2 is a 32 bit multithreaded textmode scheduler for OS/2 2.1 and Warp. Administration can be done remotely by means of a named pipe.
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Mx from SQ

Mx from Sq is a ReXX script, which reads echo area entries from the SQUISH.CFG and creates a file ECHOAREA.CFG out of them. This file can then be used by Maximus 3.x.
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TwmTcpip is a package of object oriented Pascal units which makes it much easier to access sockets under TCP/IP.
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WWW upload is a Perl script which syncronises a local copy of a webpage with the one on the web server. It compares whole directory trees by file date / time.
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I have also done some hacks for FlI4L. Since the list has become quite long, I have moved them into their own category.
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