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Fli4L is an internet router based on Linux which can be booted from a single floopy disk. This project had fascinated me for a while and I could of course not stop myself from doing my own extensions and hacks. In the meantime I have stopped working on it after I exchanged several flames with the developers in one of the project's newsgoups. All downloads here are therefore no longer supported.


opt_dyndns allows to automatically update the dynamic hostname entry at providers for dynamic DNS services when the router connects to the Internet
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If you are using a later version of opt-dyndns distributed by somebody else but me, you might be interested in this little utility. It generates the secret needed by opt-dyndns.
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opt_extremail installs a SMTP and POP3 server on the router which can then be used to send e-mail internally on the LAN
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opt_fetchmail installs Fetchmail in daemon mode to periodically fetch e-mails from one or more servers and forward them to a local or remote mail server
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opt_onshutdown allows to run scripts on shutdown
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This is my version of the OPT_SETI package for FlI4L 2.x. It is based on the package from Lars Winkler, which is available from
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opt_nologon turns off the logon prompt on the local console. This logon was going on my nerves because I need to work on the router console quite often
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opt_perl-twm provides a Perl interpreter for the router
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This is Tinylogin linked against libc5 so it runs on the FlI4L router
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alternative kernel

This is an alternative kernel for FlI4L version 2.x. It has been compiled with the orignal sources and the settings that were used for the FlI4L kernel
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This HOWTO describes what you need to do to get FlI4L to boot from a SCSI hard disk.
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OPT-Developer HOWTO

This HOWTO is a compilation of what I learned about FlI4L while writing the above opt packages. This page is only available in German

last updated: 2012-10-14 twm
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