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Borland Delphi is my programming environment of choice. This union of a powerful programming language (Object Pascal) with a good GUI designer and a development environment with integrated source level debuger and other tools is in my opinion simply the best such tool on the market.


dzPrepBuild is my answer to the problem that Delphi does not manage version information in an SCM friendly manner and Borland/CodeGear/Embarcadero apparently don't intend to help with the issue.
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Class and Variable declaration pitfall

There has recently been quite a lot of hubbub in the Delphi blogosphere about a blog posting by a guy called Branden Tanga, who was venting his frustration with Rad Studio 2007. Here is my analysis on his problem.
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Delphi und Subversion

I have posted about SubVersion several times in the Borland newsgroups, the most recent post was quite extensive, so I thought I should extend it into an article and publish it in a more permanent form.
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Experimental GExperts Version

For a while I have been offering experimental versions of GExperts. These versions are always based on the current CVS repository code of the GExperts project. In addition to the normal functionality they include the code formatter formerly known as DelForEx.
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rxlib sourceforge project

I have taken over the rxlib project on sourceforge.
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Pseudo templates feedback

I am thrilled! Several people apparently actually use templates based on the principle outlined in my article about Pseudo Templates in Delphi. If you are one of them, I'd like to hear from you. Maybe it would be a good idea to collect those templates somewhere and provide them for download.
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dzTemplates - Container Templates for Delphi and Kylix

After using pseudo templates for a while I have now created a library of them and released them under the MPL.
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generate standalone executables with Kylix

Programs written with Borland Kylix need a shared library, which usually isn't installed on the target system. A simple solution for this is makeself.
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While searching for a chart component for Delphi which comes with source code and doesn't cost an arm and a leg I stumbled over Paul Warren's "HomeGrown charts". Since those components were missing some features I needed I extended them significantly.
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Autosave Wizard for Delphi

The Delhi IDE is normally quite stable but sometimes I get this effect that selecting some text causes it to throw an access violation which keeps popping up so that I must kill the IDE using the task manager. This happens rarely but often enough that the loss of yet unsaved work prompted me to search for a workaround.
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Object Pascal Interfaces

You might have read about them in the online help usually with reference to COM or ActiveX and such, but interfaces are quite interesting even without this stuff. This page is only available in German

Delphi and Make

If you ever looked at the source code of the automatically generated *.bpg files you might have wondered what they are good for. This page is only available in German

Templates in Object Pascal (Delphi)

Object Pascal (Delphi) supposedly is less powerfull than C++ because it lacks several features, at least that's what C++ evangelists claim. One of these features are templates. I claim that this is not the case. (You can download my proof.)
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rxlib port to Delphi 7

The rxlib was one of the most famous component packages back when Delphi 3 was current, not only because it was free but also because of its quality. I have ported it to Delphi 7.
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last updated: 2012-10-14 twm
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