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wedding pictures - The Reception
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At the reception there was no dancing. I am a non-dancer and have therefore checked that there wasn't enough room for that just in case somebody got funny ideas. ;-).
But the "Zum Schiffchen" was first choice not only because of that they also have a nice view and the food is ecxellent.

This is the "(zum) Schiffchen" ("To the Small Ship"). As one can see it is currently situated on land. But Noah had also thought that once. Beautiful terrace! And the weather is even good enough to use it! (It had rained for several weeks before and it did rain again for several days afterwards.)

Hm, the terrace is smaller than it looked...

The bride's parents recover a bit from the strain. A small sip of orange juice works wonders.

The stay in France did not do this gentleman much good. Before that time he rarely drank.

There they sit now "Just Married!". Well hopefully they can still enjoy the meal! (The meal was delicious. I can recommend the "Zum Schiffchen".)

Cake is being served. No, not just any cake. It is the good butter cream cake from the day before yesterday. (The joke lies in the fact that it really was two days old because the bakery which makes it closed for holidays this very day so the only way to get my favorite cake was to buy it two days in advance and keep it refrigerated. It still was delicious.)

On the other side of the room everybody was getting stuffed too. Small wonder that this is dampening the small talk a bit.

Look at that! A perfect fit, is it not?

Later on the terrace is still quite in demand.

Yes, finally some space!

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