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wedding pictures - After
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After the ceremony nobody really knew what to do. So we reverted to time proven rituals like throwing rice and taking group pictures.

The groom's father leaves the town hall. He looks thoughtfully, maybe he is remembering his own wedding?

The bride's father obviously has some rather unpleasant memories, he leaves the scene in a hurry.

There comes the witness. He looks a bit worried. Does he have pangs of conscience? Maybe he should have warned the groom more urgently?

But now it is too late. There he comes with his wife. Apparently unchanged, but that might still happen.

The weather was actually quite good, not counting some short rice showers. Look how the groom holds fast to his bride! That's a real claw!

Finally a beautiful photo of the bride without the groom ruining it!

"What are we doing here? Who are all these people? And why do I have such a strange thing on my finger?"

The first group photo: Bridal couple and their parents. One calls each other "mother / father / son / daughter in law" now. Peculiar words!

And another group photo, this time with the two witnesses. The item behind us is no old bath tub btw. but a medieval well.

And thus the brothers and sisters do not cry still another group photo with those.

And one last group photo, so the guests from abroad can not later deny having been there. (Great doubles! Vitaly's looks so convincing!)

'Those flowers are beautiful! Actually they are still fine, somebody else could still use them for a wedding.'

'Let me get those lice off your head before you put them into my fur.' (There is a German proverb 'Putting somebody some lice in his fur' meaning 'Make somebody liable for something'. This is unfortunately an untranslatable pun.)

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