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wedding pictures - The Ceremony
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These pictures are taken during the ceremony inside the town hall. It is kind of amazing how many people dared to show up in a more formal dress than the groom. Apparently only Andrew took my invitation seriously where I explicitely stated that the dress code was informal. Thank you Andy!

The youngest guests arrive. Fortunately none of the children calls: "Dad!"

The bride gets some last minute advice from her parents: "And when you are asked whether you want him, you must say "Yes" otherwise we will never get you married."

The groom looks impatiently at his watch. 'I hope she is not going to reconsider in the last instant.'

Everybody is listening when the registrar tells a story: "Once upon a time there was a couple..."

Now it is getting serious: The groom says "Yes, I want." The bride was apparently unsure what he was going to say.

Also the bride says "Yes, I want", very much to the relief of the groom.

Now they just sign the sales contract. Both keep their surnames btw. No Mrs. Müller or Mr. Bläsing!

The bride also signs...

To keep the bride from straying the gets branded - eh - a ring.

This is the moment everybody was waiting for: The first kiss. Even the respectable witness must laugh.

This is the bride's brother. He says: "Take good care of my little sister." (Of course, otherwise she will come back to them.)

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