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Düsseldorf Kudzu Meetup
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The meetup has taken place and overall I liked it. I managed to get lost on the way from the station to the old town. (Don't ask me how I did it, I can't explain it. According to the map it was just straight on...)

more information on Kudzu meetups ...

The map I had here has now cost me quite a bundle:
Cease and desist letter from the attorney of Euro-Cities AG, owners of including damages and fees.
The total was nearly 500 Euros. :-(

Unfortunately they were right, I should have known. What actually surprised me was that the attorney fee was "only" a third of the total. I had expected more after reading all these stories about cease and desist letters lately.

What can I say? Had they asked me by email to either remove the map or buy it, I might have eben bought it. This way it leaves some bad taste and an entry in my personal black list of companies from which I'll never buy anything.

I remember now, why I copied the map rather than just linking to it. I tried and failed to get a map on that covered Duesseldorf old town as well as the train station. Their user interface frustrated me so much that I analyzed the html code of the pages and built my own map. And since I could not print it due to a lack of a working printer I put it on my homepage so I could print it at work. And of course I made the mistake of not deleting it as soon as I didn't need it any longer. (I should have bought a map on paper at the nearest book store, would have saved me some money, or even buying a new printer would have done that...)

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